This is the name of the last whale factory in Spain that was found at the inlet of Corcubión.

This is a double room on the ground floor specially adapted for the disabled. It has a queen double bed of 150 x 200 cm and a spacious accessible bathroom. The mural decoration (Laura Velasco, 2013) reflects the peaceful relationship between sailors and whales.

Xonás (“Jonah”)

As it appears in the Old Testament there was a special relationship between man and the whales already in the distant past…

This is a double room with twin beds of 90 x 200 cm found on the first floor. It combines elements of traditional country décor with modern trends. There is a huge wardrobe in the room so that you could comfortably organize everything you need on your holiday. The room has a large and bright bathroom with a window and a bath-tub and access to an equally big balcony. You will surely like Álvaro de la Vega´s sculpture, an allusion to the story of Jonah.

San Brandán (“Saint Brendan”)

This Irish monk set off on a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the Island of Paradise and ended up finding a whale-shaped isle…

This room is on the first floor and can be used as a double room with a queen sized bed (150 x 200 cm) or a family room since it has a separate little living-room called Pinocchio, who was also swallowed by a whale, where a sofa bed offers the possibility of a second bedroom. Between these two rooms you will find the bathroom. This room is one of the brightest ones of the hotel and enjoys the privilege of having an enormous private terrace with splendid views onto the sea. The highlight of the decoration is the glazed ceramic tile work of the Portuguese artist, Joaquim Pombal, who reproduced a medieval german miniature representing the voyage of Saint Brendan.

Simbad (“Sinbad the Sailor”)

During his journey towards the isles, Sinbad´s ship came across a whale…

This room on the second floor is one of the largest ones of the hotel. It has two twin beds of 90 x 200 cm and can be supplied with an extra bed. It features a windowed balcony and a spacious and bright bathroom with a bath-tub and another covered balcony. The room displays an impressive and sensual oriental décor to evoke the story of Sinbad in the Arabian Nights, with a picture by the Colombian painter Zamora Tamayo allusive.


This well-known international organization has played an unquestionably important role in the moratorium that has put an end to commercial whaling.

This room on the second floor displays the most modern features of the hotel with its carefree style and contemporary design furniture. It has a queen bed of 150 x 200 cm, a windowed balcony and a huge collage which was made in collaboration with Greenpeace Madrid and Berlin in homage to the ongoing importance of their work. Greenpeace members would enjoy 10 % off the price of this room.

Moby Dick

And it goes without saying that a hotel like this has a room dedicated to the great work of universal literature about the world of whalers.

Found on the third floor, in the attic, it can be said that this is the real suite of the hotel regarding both its size and its decoration that intends to evoke the captain´s cabin of an old ship. It is a multipurpose room that can sleep two, three or four people. It has a cute and bright bathroom with a window and a large shower tray. One of the dormer windows offers the best view of the inlet and it allows you to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful colours of dawn and the magic moonrise behind the Mount Pindo. An classic sailing ship resembles the old whalers